YikeSite is a software as a service (SaaS) product created to address the major pain points web people experience while creating websites — creating websites quickly, managing many websites, and helping to deliver quality work to the end client.



Arni MikelsonsArni Mikelsons

Co-founder - CEO, Operations

Arni Mikelsons has been building websites since the beginning of the Internet. Arni is owner of Northern Village, YikeSite's largest reseller and now co-founder in YikeSoftware Inc. He has experience being a Project and Product Manager for Open Text and Burntsand. He is really excited to be working with the YikeSite team doing what needs to be done to make life easier for web professionals. 

Jeff WardJeff Ward

Co-founder - VP, Product

Jeff brings over 17 years experience as a web-app developer and web entrepreneur. He is the owner of Animikii, a web development firm based in Vancouver and was the original developer of YikeSite. Jeff is an author and speaker as well as co-founder at ContentGems and ShareCam. Jeff has what it takes to build highly usable products and get them to market. In 2014, Jeff joined forces with Arni to take YikeSite to the next level and here we are!


David GrayDavid Gray

Chartered Accountant, Financial Advisor

David Gray provides over 30 years of experience in Public Accounting, with a goal of making it easy to be in business. He specializes in providing the metrics to monitor progress in terms of productivity, profitability and return on investment.


Rob McleanRob McLean

Marketing and Communications Advisor

Rob has been helping brands, businesses and organizations to communicate with efficiency and effectiveness for almost twenty years. He wants YikeSite’s communications to be as compelling, straightforward and effective as its product offering.


Mark GoldbergMark Goldberg

Business Advisor, Mentor at Innovation Guelph

Mark Goldberg is a late blooming serial entrepreneur, founder of 3 companies and an NGO with the grey hair to prove it. He wants to make sure that the company is on track for major revenue generation.


Jo HundJo Hund

Technical Advisor

Jo Hund is a senior full-stack software engineer with over 15 years of experience in designing and building profitable online systems for both startup and enterprise clients. Jo helps with architecture and scaling.



Mat HarvardMat Harvard


Mat Harvard been designing user experiences through software development since 2006. He is currently studying geomatics with a focus on applied and theoretical computer science. His focus is building and maintaining a product that’s useful and easy to use.


Amanda KohlerAmanda Kohler

Marketing Specialist

Amanda Kohler is passionate about market research, digital marketing, consumer behavior, and data analytics. She works website, social media, and blog content, to focus on gathering feedback to continue the improvement of the product.


Dakota Lightning

Dakota Lightning

Front End Developer

Dakota Lightning is our newest member to the team and is involved with all front end development including this website, all starter template sites and making sure our UI looks and performs well. Dakota is our resident front-end ninja and gamer extraordinare.


Ieva Van Geest Mikelsons

Ieva Van Geest Mikelsons


Ieva Van Geest Mikelsons is a student at the University of Guelph, who has been using her formidable writing craft to write many of the help pages and contribute to the editing of the site in general.

YikeSite History

Jeff Ward and Animikii Inc. launched YikeSite in 2007 as a simple way of creating easily updated websites that could can be maintained by his clients.

A few years later it was expanded to allow web entrepreneurs to brand YikeSite as their own, and make recurring income.

Arni Mikelsons established Northern Village to provide website services to a full range of companies and organizations. In 2008, Northern Village started reselling the YikeSite service as VillageCMS.com and went onto develop a successful web business that serves charities, businesses and universities.

Jeff and Arni came together in 2014 to take YikeSite to a new level and made it so not only is the CMS easy to use for clients, but it's also easy for use as web professionals to create the websites. This was the basis for a good services business, however, hardly a new idea.

YikeSite was taken to a new level by founding YikeSoftware Inc. The goals were to:

  • Make it incredibly easy to create a new site, or duplicate an existing one.
  • Create a Website Dashboard where all the useful website information would be presented and ensure it would be easy to manage all aspects of websites from it.
  • Have robust permissions, so web agency staff can be allocated to different websites.
  • Embrace “content driven websites” as a building block of website creation.
  • Work with clients to build their business and brand.

These goal have been reached, and it is now available to simplify the management of many websites. Try it out, and let us know what you think. If you need some help, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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